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Costuming fabrics in a huge variety of types and a rainbow of colors
Tutu net, tulles, horsehair net, more...
Bengalines and waterfailles
Linings and tutu-panty fabrics
Chiffons, crepes, georgettes, silk and poly, stretch, more...
Organzas, plain and sparkle, more...
Spandex (Elastane, LYCRA), fishnet, milliskin, moleskin, more...
Mirror cloth, buckram, more...

Basic notions and costumer's specialty items
Costumer's specialty items
Genuine Swarovski Austrian-crystal rhinestones in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors, and settings and tools
Complete kits for making your own ballet costumes

Custom-designed performance-quality and practice tutus, men's costumes, stage accessories, and much, much more
Photos of a few of our custom costume designs

Unique instructional books and patterns on the art of costume design, construction, and embellishment

The best of the best in shoes, tights, leo- and unitards, dance dresses, men's-wear, and accessories - Tutu.Com's Get The Pointe Dancewear

Costuming Fabrics

We carry a wide variety of costuming fabrics in a rainbow of colors. On these pages, you will find nearly any fabric needed to create ballet and dance costumes of any kind.

We stock several of these fabrics and colors in "by-the-bolt" quantities, and offer additional discounts for by-the-bolt purchases.

So, give us a call if you're looking for a costuming fabric or a color you don't see on these pages - if we don't have it, we can usually find it for you pretty quick. (Minimum order amounts will depend on the fabric and may range from a few yards to a full bolt.)

Custom Dying is available for selected fabrics. Price and minimum purchase amount will depend on the fabric. Call for details. 704-519-4771

Aren't sure what the choices are? Call or email us, we'll be happy to discuss with you what to use, and why, where, when, and how to use it. See the How to Contact Us page for all the ways to get in touch with us.

Listed below, you'll find our current Fabric Sample Cards, online Color Charts, and a Fabric Locator Chart for these pages.


Please be sure of the amount and color you need when you order.

Special Shipping Note for All Fabric Customers
Our shipping rates are 'close estimates' only, and are based on order-value. We may recalculate your actual shipping costs as necessary depending on the amount of fabric you order, the package weight and size, and the destination of your order. For instance, certain fabrics like coutil, brocade, heavy-spandex, and others weigh nearly 1 pound per yard. Fabrics like bengaline and waterfaille weigh just over 1/2-pound per yard. A bolt of 54-inch Tutu Net is about 4 pounds folded on a board, while a bolt of 60-inch Tutu Net is over 4 pounds but rolled full-width on a tube. And so on ...

Our Fabric Sample Cards
Available for most of the fabrics we carry.
Cost is $6.00 each, We offer a 10% discount when you purchase all of our cards.
Please specify the sample-cards by name when ordering.
Note: the Sample Cards include (most of) our In-Stock colors only -
Special-Order colors are NOT included.
Our Sample Cards are updated about every 6 months or so.

When ordering fabrics, please use the fabric's actual Color-Name and NOT the Reference Number
Tutu Net This card includes Standard Tutu Net, Horsehair Net, Metallic Net (Metal Mesh), Polyester Net, Imported Micro-Fibre Net, Cotton Bobbinette, Powernet
Regular Tulle This card includes all our Domestic Tulle colors, and Metallic Tulle
Glimmer Tulle This card includes all our Glimmer Tulle colors
Multi-Color Sparkle Tulle This card is temporarily unavailable, as the manufacturer is discontinuing SOME of the colors.  The card will become available again in January, 2015.  For now, please call us at 704-519-4771 to check availability.
Enhanced Sparkle Tulle This card is temporarily unavailable, as the manufacturer is discontinuing SOME of the colors.  The card will become available again in January, 2015.  For now, please call us at 704-519-4771 to check availability
Bengalines & Lining Fabrics This card includes Bengaline, Reversible Satin Faille,Stretch Taffetas, Waterfaille, Coutil, Cotton Bobbinette
This card is currently 'in transition' - we are expanding our in-stock selection of Bengaline and Waterfaille, and will soon have separate cards for each.
Stretch Fabrics This card includes samples of our various Spandex (Elastane) and other stretch fabrics: Cotton Spandex, Heavy Spandex, Matte Spandex, Milliskin, Moleskin, Body Stretch, Leotard Lining (Stretch Lining, Micro-Liner), Stretch Mesh (Micro-Mesh), Spandex Fishnet, Stretch Leather, Stretch Velvet, Stretch Double Georgette (Close-Out!), Powernet
Note: this card does NOT include all our In-Stock or Available colors - the sampling allows comparison of weights and textures
Chiffons & Georgettes This card includes 8mm & 18mm Silk Chiffon (Crepe Georgette), Polyester Chiffon, Polyester Double Georgette, Stretch Double Georgette (Close-Out!)
Brocades and Specialty This card includes our current Brocades and Lace Fabrics, Mirror Cloth, as well as our current selection of 'limited quantity' special fabrics (iridescent organza, fancy chiffon, satin jacquard, and fancy cotton)

NEW!  Panty and Inset Fabric Card! This card has all fabrics for tutu panties and insets – Powernets, Cotton Bobbinette, Nude Meshes in stretch and Non-Stretch

On-Line Color Charts
We're working to provide online color charts for all the fabrics we carry.  Currently, these color charts are OUT-OF-DATE!  Some color/Fabrics are still current, but others are not.  For now, while we work on our New website, please call us for current information and swatches.
The charts listed below are intended for use as a guideline only.
The charts are not complete and cannot be considered exact representations.
If you have questions, just call - we have the expertise to help you figure it out.
Net & Tulle     Net & Tulle Color Chart
Bengaline     Bengaline Color Chart
Waterfaille     Waterfaille Color Chart
Brocades     on the Brocades page
Silk Chiffon (Crepe Georgette)     Silk Chiffon (Crepe Georgette) Color Chart
Polyester Chiffon     Polyester Chiffon Color Chart
Polyester Double Georgette     Polyester Double Georgette Color Chart
Sparkle Organza     Sparkle Organza Color Chart

What Fabric Are You Looking For?
To Find This Fabric:Look On Page(s):
Balanchine Net (tutu net) Nets & Tulles
Bengaline Bengalines
Bobbinette Lining & Panty Fabrics
Body Stretch Stretch Fabrics
Brocade Brocades
Buckram Specialty Fabrics
Chiffon Chiffons & Georgettes
Cotton Bobbinette Lining & Panty Fabrics
Cotton Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Coutil Lining & Panty Fabrics
Crepe Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Crepon Organza Organzas
Crinoline (tutu net) Nets & Tulles
Domestic Tulle Nets & Tulles
Double Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Elastane Stretch Fabrics
English Bobbinette Lining & Panty Fabrics
Enhanced Sparkle Tulle Nets & Tulles
Fishnet Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Glimmer Tulle Nets & Tulles
Glistenette Stretch Fabrics
Heavy Buckram Specialty Fabrics
Heavy Crepe Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Heavy Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Heavy Powernet Lining & Panty Fabrics or Stretch Fabrics
Horsehair Net Nets & Tulles
Illusion Nets & Tulles
Jumbo Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Leotard Lining Stretch Fabrics
LYCRA® Stretch Fabrics
Matte Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Medium Powernet Lining & Panty Fabrics or Stretch Fabrics
Metal Mesh Nets & Tulles
Metallic Net Nets & Tulles
Metallic Tulle Nets & Tulles
Micro-Mesh Stretch Fabrics
Microfilament Net Nets & Tulles
Micro-Liner Stretch Fabrics
Milliskin Stretch Fabrics
Mirror Cloth Specialty Fabrics
Moleskin Stretch Fabrics
Net Nets & Tulles
Nylon Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Nude Mesh Stretch Fabrics
Organza Organzas
Pleather Stretch Fabrics
Polyester Chiffon Chiffons & Georgettes
Polyester Double Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Polyester Net Nets & Tulles or Lining & Panty Fabrics
Powernet Lining & Panty Fabrics or Stretch Fabrics
Sheer Glistenette Stretch Fabrics
Silk Chiffon Chiffons & Georgettes
Silk Crepe Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Silk Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Spandex Stretch Fabrics
Sparkle Organza Organzas
Sparkle Tulle Nets & Tulles
Stretch Double Georgette Chiffons & Georgettes
Stretch Fishnet Stretch Fabrics
Stretch Leather Stretch Fabrics
Stretch Lining Stretch Fabrics
Stretch Mesh Stretch Fabrics
Stretch Velvet Velvets
Tulle Nets & Tulles
Tutu Net Nets & Tulles
Velvet Velvets
Waterfaille Bengalines
Wide Tulle Nets & Tulles

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