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Other Designer's Patterns

From time to time we encounter designers or pattern makers whose work we find helpful, exceptional, intriguing, or just plain fabulous! Whenever possible, we do our best to make these designs and patterns available to you as well.

We believe the designers we're showcasing on these pages are making very serious contributions to the art of costuming, and we are extremely proud and excited to present their work to you.

We feel quite sure you will find these patterns and designs are valuable and wonderful additions to your library, repertoire, projects, and shop!

All Book and Pattern sales are final - no returns, no exceptions.

Mr. Travis Halsey
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Patterns by Mr. Travis Halsey

We are pleased to carry several exclusive-to-Tutu.Com, patterns by Travis Halsey, master designer and pattern-maker, who has designed for the Joffrey Ballet, Houston Ballet, and many other theatre companies.

Click Here to see all of our Patterns by Mr. Travis Halsey

Jalie Patterns Ms. Jeanne Binet, founder, Jalie Patterns
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Patterns by Jalie Patterns

Founded by Ms. Jeanne Binet, Jalie Patterns is very well known for it's extensive catalog of 'fashion forward' activewear and knitwear easy-to-sew patterns, including designs for dance, skate, yoga, cheer, maternity... and so much more!

Click Here to see all of our Patterns by Jalie

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